Protein Targets

Explore protein Targets from the original PPI-network published in Malhotra et al., 2017. Scout relative information of the proteins from various sources such as SwissProt, STRING db et cetera.


Visualize the network with D3-Fore. The networks are designed using GeneMania plugin from Cytoscape.

Natural Leads

Inspect natural compounds from NPASS db that show significant GLIDE-Scores (Docking Scores)to curated protein targets. Data is projected for top 50 docked conformations along with Glide-Energies.

Differential Genes

Investigate differentially expressed genes in various phenotypes of Vitiligo (i.e. Lesional Vitiligo, Peri-Lesional Vitiligo and Non-Lesional Vitiligo).The genes are derived through t-test and false-discovery rates for each test situation was computed using Storey–Tibshirani procedure (Storey & Tibshirani, 2003).