Winnie Harlow

Canadian Model Activist

Dr. Abhishek Sengupta

Winnie Harlow (born Chantelle Brown-Young) is a Canadian model, activist, and spokeswoman. The model has become renowned as the vitiligo's modern face. The five-foot-nine Jamaican-Canadian model is comfortable and content in her own skin, and she believes that diversity should be prioritised. Winnie has been busy doing all the beautiful things models do, including gracing covers and making music video cameos, as well as speaking her truth and attempting to stay grounded throughout her career as one of the first models with vitiligo to walk the catwalk. She has enthusiastically accepted her physical changes, describing them as "simply another peculiarity," similar to freckles and long hair.

Winnie is changing global beauty standards in an industry filled with obsolete conceptions of beauty by embracing every facet of her amazing appearance that she finds appealing. Many people are hesitant to change and fear deviations from the norm; nevertheless, as Winnie points out, it is our peculiarities that distinguish us and make us authentic. Winnie continues to be herself and inspire people all over the world, working to make fashion more inspirational rather than aspirational.