Shantanu Gosavi

Vitiligo Model

Dr. Abhishek Sengupta

Shantanu Gosavi, a NIFT Gandhinagar textile design graduate, has defied the stereotype that fair skin is superior by just accepting his own skin. Vitiligo (a patchwork complexion of the skin caused by the loss of colour) may appear odd to some, but it is his greatest strength. Shantanu is a model, photographer, and designer who works as a freelancer. In his photographs, he openly flaunts his skin by adorning it with delicate blooms and occasionally posing with pastel flowers, creating the ideal combination for beautiful photographs. For many individuals, having a visible, external affliction like vitiligo comes with its own set of fears.

According to Gosavi, he was self-conscious about it because it took time for him to accept the new alteration in his appearance, although his friends and family never made him feel different. It was actually easier to accept because of them. Acceptance is required when living with a visible skin problem, which is not always simple. Vitiligo treatment is a journey, and each person must forge their own path in order to feel at ease in their own skin. There was never a time in Gosavi's life when he felt compelled to "accept" himself. People all over the world have picked up on the underlying message of confidence and acceptance that runs through all of Gosavi's work thus far. We may soon be in a situation where weight, gender, complexion, and age are no longer factors in determining beauty.