Akash Tiwari

AARUS Foundation

Dr. Abhishek Sengupta

Akash Tiwari, a young boy with Vitiligo, had to overcome tremendous despair and prejudice in order to accept his white patches. He now empowers others with Vitiligo to embrace themselves and come to terms with their body image through his foundation, AARUS Foundation (Ability to Achieve your Responsibility with Unity and Support). He founded the AARUS Foundation, a non-profit organisation dedicated to raising vitiligo awareness in India. In a country enamoured with fair and beautiful complexion, any form of scar is looked down upon. As a result, it's easy to envision what vitiligo fighters go through. The AARUS Foundation was established to encourage people with vitiligo to love and accept themselves.

Today, the foundation holds numerous awareness camps and seminars in Mumbai, India, to educate institutes and communities about vitiligo. Akash uses social media channels including as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to create video that dispels vitiligo stigmas. Today, Akash considers his vitiligo a blessing. Vitiligo has changed him for the better, making him more humble. It has taught him not to judge individuals solely on the basis of their appearance. It taught him to value each individual's uniqueness. He would never have started AARUS Foundation if it hadn't been for vitiligo and all those years of struggle and persecution.