Shantanu Gosavi

Vitiligo can't stop this young man to be a photogenic sensation

Dr. Abhishek Sengupta

Shantanu Gosavi, a NIFT Gandhinagar textile design graduate, has defied the stereotype that fair skin is superior by just accepting his own skin. Vitiligo (a patchwork complexion of the skin caused by the loss of colour) may appear odd to some, but it is his greatest strength....

Winnie Harlow

Jamaican-Canadian Model , Activist and Spokesperson

Dr. Abhishek Sengupta

Winnie Harlow (born Chantelle Brown-Young) is a Canadian model, activist, and spokeswoman. The model has become renowned as the vitiligo's modern face. The five-foot-nine Jamaican-Canadian model is comfortable and content in her own skin, and she believes that diversity should be prioritised. Winnie has been busy doing all the beautiful things models do, including gracing covers and making music video cameos....

Akash Tiwari

Founder of AARUS Foundation

Dr. Abhishek Sengupta

Akash Tiwari, a young boy with Vitiligo, had to overcome tremendous despair and prejudice in order to accept his white patches. He now empowers others with Vitiligo to embrace themselves and come to terms with their body image through his foundation, AARUS Foundation (Ability to Achieve your Responsibility with Unity and Support). He founded the AARUS Foundation....

Kirpal Bhogal

Vitiligo Advocate , UK

Dr. Abhishek Sengupta

Kirpal Bhogal is a seasoned professional with a background in government, law enforcement, and content protection against piracy. He started his Instagram account to raise awareness about Vitiligo...