Vitiligo Information Resource

A comprehensive resource for Vitiligo

Vitiligo Information resource (VIRdb) is a comprehensive database which systematically mounts all the information relating to vitiligo in terms of potential protein targets and differentially expressed genes in a user-friendly database. It Integrates both drug-target and systems approach to produce a comprehensive repository entirely devoted to Vitiligo. VIRdb contains virtually screened natural compounds, sourced from present in Natural Product Activity and Species Source Database (NPASS) that can be used to carry wet-lab experiments. The database is rapidly expanding and is integrating genomic data as well. We foresee that VIRdb will be useful for the researchers and clinicians engaged in drug development for Vitiligo

    Salient Features
  • Home to differentially expressed genes across Lesional Vitiligo, Peri-Lesional Vitiligo, Non-Lesional Vitiligo.
  • Holds manually curated protein targets from the literature that are involved in the vitiligo.
  • Offers a complete profile for these target protein having links to all major databases making it across-functional database.
  • Offers power D3-Force for network visualisations.
    Currents Developments
  • Deciphering relations and cross-talks with other diseases (Psoriasis, Multiple Sclerosis and Rheumatoid Arthritis), through computational genomics.